We believe education has no limits and intend to take education beyond borders. This could mean either taking you to the education providers through our Study abroad consultancy or bringing the desired education to you at your home through our Online Learning Academy.

We believe that everyone in the world from anywhere in the world, regardless of their background, location, capabilities, limitations should have the opportunity to educate themselves with knowledge and skills from the very best professionals in their field, in an affordable, easily accessible, convenient and engaging learning environment

We focus on providing live education because it is interactive, engaging, constantly improving and evolving better for accelerated learning. You can query, learn, share, and gain insights, knowledge and skills from top professionals in your field getting you job-ready or helping you up-grade your skills as needed

 We are multinational company specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions in the domains of Education, Immigration, and Talent Acquisition. Primarily an Education and Immigration consultancy headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. We provide consultancy to students from around the world to reputed educational institutions worldwide.

We provide e-learning with a focus on English language & career-oriented skills and higher education programs.

Within our online services we endeavour to facilitate language learning and testing. It has been designed to suit learners or professionals of all types and stages of learning can benefit from it.

Language Schools

Learning a language at home may seem convenient but is there something you are missing out! Learning a Language abroad comes with its own thrills of travelling to a foreign location and treating yourself to unfortgettable memories whilst learning a new language

Online Live Classes

EdVantage SpeakSmart is all about making learning fun and getting better grades at school! Bringing the best of learning to your child through live tutoring offered by the best of teachers who are experts in their field. Our e-tutoring system, combined with expert tutors, customised lesson plans, other learning resources and assessments will ensure that your child finds learning fun and will make passing their exams a breeze! Regardless of where you live we will find a tutor that suits your child’s needs.

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